The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Annie has a surprisingly long and storied history. It might surprise you to know that the character Annie is as old as 1924. She made her debut in the creepy comic strip series Little Orphan Annie. A series popular for its socio political commentary. It was creepy because characters had vacant circles for eyes. Annie comics became so popular they spawned an equally popular radio series (as seen in A Christmas Story) and of course a broadway musical. The musical is where we got such iconic songs as “It’s the Hard Knock Life” and Annie’s signature song “Tomorrow.” It was only a matter of time before America’s favorite redheaded little orphan got her very own movie. I first saw Annie in my elementary school music class. Parts of it were fast forwarded, but I later ended up watching it in its entirety. I fell in love with the songs and the story. Annie is all about Annie and her fellow orphans who live under their mean caretaker Miss Hannigan (played by the incomparable Carol Burnett). Until Annie and her dog Sandy are taken to live with billionaire Oliver Warbucks (with Albert Finney in the role). While Annie is a great musical, it doesn’t exactly have a glowing reception. It’s a bit longer then it has to be and not everything outside of music works. The actress playing Annie, Aileen Quinn, isn’t much of an actress, but who cares when she can sing. Music is what we love Annie for. That’s why this version of Annie is such a delight.

Annie sings with Daddy Warbucks

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