So Ya Gotta Hang on ‘Til Tomorrow

Annie (2014) did what a lot of other famous stories have done in the past. It made its principle characters black. Well just Annie and Daddy Warbucks. The rest of the cast is still primarily white. Annie (2014) also takes place in the modern day. Not even the 1982 Annie took place in modern day. Since the story traditionally takes place in the great depression. Quvenzhané Wallis plays Annie B. B because the original Annie (Annie A.) appears briefly in the movie. The story is mostly the same, only with more contemporary changes. Annie is still an orphan living under Miss Hannigan who gets adopted by a billionaire, but the similarities stop there. Daddy Warbucks’ name is changed to Will Stacks. Since there’s no way a black guy (let alone Jamie Foxx) would be named Warbucks. His occupation was also changed to cell phone mogul. While Foxx and Wallis give it their best, Annie (2014) falls short. Being the youngest award nominee Quvenzhané Wallis is a great actress, but strangely enough, not much of a singer. The songs are the same, but they did something I hate to see in musical remakes. They added new songs. There’s also far too much modern technology and pop culture references. The worst thing about the remake though is Cameron Diaz. Her Miss Hannigan is over the top, cringy, and bizarrely awful. Annie (2014) probably means well, but I’d stick to the 1982 version if I were you.

Annie sings with Will Stacks

Remake of: Annie (1982)

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