2 Little Mice

Catch Me if You Can is the third installment in Steven Spielberg’s Running Man trilogy. A series of unrelated films with an on-the-run theme. Catch Me if You Can is based on the true story of Frank Abagnale Jr. A teenage con artist who was somehow able to successfully trick people into thinking he was a Pan Am pilot, a Georgia doctor, and a Louisiana lawyer. He started out small by posing as a substitute teacher, but after his parents divorce he begins forging checks. Frank goes on the run under the alias Barry Allen (The Flash) when his cons attract the attention of the FBI. In particular Carl Hanratty, who makes it his personal mission to track him down. Both Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks give terrific performances and Spielberg is the only director who I feel can make this story as fascinating as it is. Plus the opening theme is catchy. The most baffling thing about Catch Me if You Can though, is how clueless people can be. The fact that nobody could figure out the checks were forged. The fact that Frank posed as a pilot without actually flying the plane. The fact that Frank posed as a doctor without performing a procedure. The fact that Frank posed as a lawyer without convicting people. How is it he evaded capture for as long as he did? Still it’s entertaining and even funny the way things play out. Catchy Me if You Can is a fast paced journey into ill gotten success.


Frank Abagnale Jr. impersonates a pilot

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