Outta Gas

Blues Brothers 2000 has great music, but it’s basically just a rehash of the original. Only without John Belushi (who died 2 years after The Blues Brothers was released). Making a sequel seemed like a bad idea. Even though the first movie was such a big success. Like a few movies made in the new millenium, Blues Brothers 2000 has 2000 in its title (despite it being released in 1998).

Dan Aykroyd returns and so does most of the original cast. Only this time Elwood is brotherless and looking to once again put the band back together. With the intention of winning the “Battle of the Bands.” Blues Brothers 2000 tries to replace Jake not once, not twice, but three times. One who’s just a kid sidekick. The other being the son of Elwood and Jake’s mentor. And the last one being more physically equal to Jake (John Goodman of course). It seems like they put more work into the music then the story.

Most of everything from the first movie is recreated with something lamer. Like replacing the Neo-Nazis with either a Russian mob or a Militia group. Not to mention the locations being a strip club, county fair, and swamp. Plus they seriously put magic in the movie. Blues Brothers 2000 is the last sequel based on a Saturday Night Live sketch movie and it’s ridiculous.


Elwood (right), “Mighty” Mack (center), and Buster (left)

Preceded by: The Blues Brothers

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