Glass Jaw

Cinderella Man is a true rags-to-riches Cinderella story. Only instead of a ball, there’s a boxing match. Instead of a glass slipper, there’s a glass jaw. Cinderella Man brings together the duo behind A Beautiful Mind. Director Ron Howard and star Russell Crowe. I’ve said before that my mom was a big fan of Russell Crowe movies when I was growing up. Cinderella Man is another movie I saw in pieces for a long time. Part of the movie I even used for a school project. To make a miniature diorama of a Hooverville. I finally saw the entire movie in my sophomore U.S. history class. Cinderella Man is a true story that takes place during the Great Depression. James J. Braddock was a broken down boxer who steadily made a comeback that eventually lead to a fight against the defending champion. There are many great boxing movies out there, but Cinderella Man stands out for being so inspirational. Since Braddock has a wife and kids to feed in the worst economic crisis in American history. Along with a fine performance from Paul Giamatti as Braddock’s manager. Cinderella Man is a timeless underdog story.

James J. Braddock wins over the crowd

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