Party On, Wayne

Wayne’s World, Wayne’s World, it’s party time, excellent!” “Party on, Wayne.” “Party on, Garth.” Wayne’s World is the second movie based on characters from a Saturday Night Live Sketch. If The Blues Brothers is the best, then Wayne’s World is a close second. Since it took them a decade to come up with original characters that would be worthy (“We’re not worthy”) of a film.

Well Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar are just the guys for the job. “Extreme close-up! Whoooa!” Wayne and Garth are rock loving sex crazed best friends who host their own public access show, Wayne’s World. The movie expands on this simple premise by offering a glimpse into their lives outside of the show. Which includes rocking out to “Bohemian Rhapsody,” searching for babes (shwing), and talking about Bugs Bunny cross dressing. Wayne falls for one babe in particular named Cassandra.

The conflict comes from TV executives who want to turn Wayne’s World into a TV show. It’s one of those stories, but Wayne’s World keeps things fun by not taking itself too seriously. That’s why they have stuff like the “not bowing to any sponsor” scene or the T-1000 cameo. Wayne is one of Mike Myers three best characters, while Garth is Dana Carvey’s best character. They help make Wayne’s World a funny and excellent experience.


Wayne (left), Garth (right), and the band (center) sing Bohemian Rhapsody

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