He Told Me to Burn Things

Firestarter is all about a little girl with pyrokinesis. In other words, the ability to start fires with her mind. This is the result of a government experiment that was meant for her parents, to give them telekinesis. Instead all the power is placed in their daughter Charlie. Played by Drew Barrymore in her first role after E.T. In case it wasn’t obvious, Firestarter is a Stephen King adaptation. Obvious since he loves writing about kids with supernatural powers.

Unlike Carrie though, Firestarter isn’t his best adaptation. In fact it’s one of his most poorly received. Firestarter just sort of starts without setting a mood. As Charlie and her father are on the run from the government. Most important details are told in flashbacks and Charlie using her powers are few and far between. The fire filled finale is good and so is the testing sequence, but the rest is boring. A lot of the second act is just a creepy old man with an eye patch trying to befriend a little girl. Things like that ruin the movie. That’s whyย Firestarter doesn’t burn as brightly as you might think.


Charlie starts fires

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