Curve the Bullet

Wanted is surprisingly based on a superhero comic. Well technically its a supervillain comic. So how did it end up as an assassin movie? When I first heard about Wanted, I didn’t know anything about its history. I just figured it was another random action movie. Only with a few key elements that made it stand out.

Wanted is the first of many movies based on a Mark Millar graphic novel. Even though I usually stay away from his material, I made the terrible decision to read Wanted. I knew his stuff was brutal, but Wanted is just disgusting and evil. It made me nauseous for how much it crosses the line. Anyway the comic is set in a superhero world like I said. So the decision to drop all of that for the movie is unusual. Instead of being supervillains, they’re assassins.

Most of the names and motivations are the same, but all the powers and gadgets are replaced by guns. Notably guns that can curve bullets. Clearly impossible, but it’s one of the things that makes Wanted stand out. Along with Angelina Jolie who steals the show as the gorgeous assassin Fox. Like the comic, Weasley is a normal guy who discovers his father was part of an evil organization. James McAvoy’s American accent could use some work, but he’s fine otherwise. Along with Morgan Freeman who also works well. Although the magic loom thing makes no sense. Wanted is in my opinion a far better assassin movie then it is a supervillain comic.


Fox hangs off the side of a car

One thought on “Curve the Bullet

  1. This was definitely a fun film. Itโ€™s been quite a while since I have last seen it, but this review makes me want to watch it again. If only to see Jolie again in what I agree was a great performance ๐Ÿ˜Š

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