Evil Elevator

Devil is often mistaken for an M. Night Shyamalan film. Even though he didn’t write or direct it. The story was his idea, but for whatever reason he didn’t do anything else. Maybe his losing streak had something to do with it. The basic Shyamalan template is there. Something with horror elements that’s still PG-13 and has a twist ending. Aside from that, Devil didn’t feel too much like one of his movies. It’s about five people who board an elevator, not knowing one of them is the devil.

The writing could use some work, but the acting is a bit better. So is the tense atmosphere. Set almost entirely in an elevator. Something I pray never to get stuck on. Being a christian, anything religious has an effect on me. Even if its in a subpar movie. Which is how I would describe Devil. It’s only 80 minutes long. So you don’t really have time to get invested in much of anything. The twist is unexpected, but kind of out of nowhere. Devil is just a creepy (somewhat intriguing) waste of time.


The elevator

One thought on “Evil Elevator

  1. I saw this a few years back. It also had just a tad of the Twilight Zone to it…to me… It could have been more if they would have fleshed it out…I did like the movie

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