To Love an OS

Her does something different with the human/non-human love story formula. This time it’s a man who falls in love with an OS (Operating System). A disembodied voice designed with a personality. This seemed like an interesting idea when I first discovered it. While I wasn’t completely sold on Spike Jones, I still gave it a chance.

Her is one of those science fiction movies set in a future that’s not too much different than ours. Apart from people using OSes in their daily lives and some kind of holographic video game. Joaquin Phoenix plays the mustachioed Theodore Twombly. A depressed divorcee who writes professional personalized letters. His system is updated one day with a new A.I. OS.

That’s when Samantha comes in. She’s sassy, funny, and any guys dream woman. Scarlett Johansson is sexy in the role with nothing more than her voice. Strangely she wasn’t their first casting choice. They fall in love, but the problem is her not being real and not having a body. Making phone sex their only option, or some sort of surrogate body program. Her did manage to convince me of its romance and I liked the red pink color pallet. Since it relies heavily on dialogue, it won Best Original Screenplay. Her shows us that communication is key.


Theodore (human) meets Samantha (OS)

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