War of the Worlds is the 2005 remake of the famous story The War of the Worlds. It’s notable to me for many reasons. It’s actually the first Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise, and horror (sort of) movie I saw in theaters. I say sort of because I never categorize alien movies in the horror category. Even if they are scary, I lean more towards science fiction. Heck, I think it might have even been the first Tom Cruise movie I saw period. His previous movie’s didn’t exactly call to me back then.

Steven Spielberg of course has made many classics, but War of the Worlds was his first movie made since I was born that I could ask to go see. Unfortunately, War of the Worlds is also the first movie I regretted going to the theater to see. Since it practically traumatized me. More so than the original. With its unpleasant atmosphere, constant destruction, and loud noises. Although it does follow parts of the book more closely. The Martian tripods are the most faithful tripods put to screen. Standing tall and disintegrating anyone in its path.

This time the story follows Tom Cruise as a father trying to protect his kids during the invasion. His daughter is played by a young Dakota Fanning and known for how much she screams… a lot! While his punk son is the most annoying character in the movie. In the end, the Martians are once again defeated by common bacteria. Something that doesn’t hold up as well in this version. Maybe I was too young to appreciate it, but I just don’t have much love for this version of War of the Worlds.


The alien tripod

Remake of: The War of the Worlds

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  1. I kind of agree with you. The first half of the film was pretty good…I especially liked the beginning and the way the tripods emerged was just an awesome scene. But then I felt the film began to drag a little, and the ending was just…well…to Hollywood for me I guess. Overall, it was okay…but not great. 😊

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