Bold Talk for a One-Eyed Fat Man

True Grit is the first John Wayne movie that I saw. I’ve seen many westerns in my life, but no previous John Wayne movie felt as important as this one. Since True Grit is the movie he finally won an Oscar for. After playing a cowboy for decades, it seemed more like a lifetime achievement award. True Grit is all about Mattie Ross. A young girl seeking vengeance for her father who was killed by the coward Tom Chaney. So she enlists the help of Rooster Cogburn. An aging eye patch wearing U.S. Marshall with “true grit.” Coming along for the ride is La Boeuf, a Texas ranger.

While John Wayne’s Rooster Cogburn is certainly a stand out. Especially in the famous “Fill your hand, you son of a b*tch” scene. I would argue that Mattie is the one who steals the show. Since Kim Darby was so young when she played the character. Like most westerns at the time, True Grit is slow and puts a lot of emphasis into the journey. With the occasional shoot out and horseback ride along the way. Despite that, it still received a G rating. True Grit is definitely one of the most iconic westerns there is.

True Grit

Rooster Cogburn takes aim

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