Get Your Ass to Mars

Total Recall is another Paul Verhoeven movie I probably shouldn’t have seen at such a young age. Being his follow up to Robocop, Total Recall is filled with excessive bloody violence and uncomfortable moments. Being an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, I couldn’t resist watching it. Arnie plays Douglas Quaid, a construction worker living in the future with his wife Lori. Played by Sharon Stone 2 years before her breakout role in Basic Instinct.

In this future, people can be implanted with memories by the company Rekall. Quaid goes to them in order to receive an implanted memory of a Mars vacation as a secret agent. Since people (some of them mutated) are living on Mars in this future. It’s here that the movie really messes with your head. As it’s never made clear whether any of this is real or not. Total Recall has impressive award winning special effects and awesomely cheesy moments. It’s an Arnold movie, so expect plenty of one liners. Such as “Get your ass to Mars,” “Consider that a divorce,” “See you at the party Richter,” and “You think this is the real Quaid… it is.”

Even lines he doesn’t say are memorable. Like the robot woman disguise that says “2 weeks.” Or the infamous “corn flakes” line said by the villain. Of course there are also tense moments like the suffocation scene with the bulging eyes. Total Recall may seem like another over-the-top action movie, but it’s a lot deeper than it seems. Plus its got a three breasted woman in it!

Total Recall

Quaid unveils his disguise

2 thoughts on “Get Your Ass to Mars

  1. I agree that Total Recall is not for child’s eyes, but early 90s was a crazy period and I myself have seen my share of films I was not supposed to see. The film also uses some strong language. I still cannot believe they managed to pull off such a crazy film and make it so enjoyable. I also agree that there is much intelligence there, but for that we should also thank Philip K. Dick.

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