Jackie’s Fling

Friends with Benefits is about friends who agree to have casual sex without being in a relationship. If that sounds exactly like the plot of No Strings Attached, it’s because it is. The difference being that Friends with Benefits is better and a whole lot more hilarious. Everybody is much more high energy. Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis star as Dylan and Jamie respectively.

Dylan is an art director and Jamie is a headhunter who recruits him. So he moves to New York and starts to become good friends with her. Until he asks her to “play tennis.” Leading them to agree to have a totally emotionless sexual relationship. Part of why it’s funnier is because they take more advantage of the sex part. Most of its best jokes are in those scenes. They’re also a bit more expansive with their plot. Making it a little less predictable. Of course it ends in romance, but the road to get there was less expected.

I wasn’t looking up when a trailer came on for Friends with Benefits. So I actually did think it was No Strings Attached for a second. Strangely enough the story similarities are a total coincidence. Even though they both came out in 2011 with each starring That 70’s show co-stars (later married couple) Kutcher and Kunis. As well as Black Swan co-stars Portman and Kunis. Not to mention Kutcher Punk’d Timberlake one time. Still, Friends with Benefits just does the sex friends story better.


Jamie (left) and Dylan (right) have a friends with Benefits relationship

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