That Movie Scared Me

Babe: Pig in the City is the sequel to Babe that nobody can seem to agree on. Is it a dark lackluster follow up or does it somehow surpass the original? For the longest time I believed the former, but after 20 whole years… I’m still not crazy about it. Don’t get me wrong Babe: Pig in the City is better than I remembered, but then again I was only 3 years old when I saw it. My review’s title is an inside joke. It was something I said after my parents took me to see the movie. My dad brings it up just about every time the movie is mentioned. I only really remembered flashes from the movie and that I was scared after watching it. Save for one time in elementary school (though I wasn’t really paying attention) I haven’t rewatched the movie since. It might surprise you to know that the sequel was directed by Mad Max director George Miller. Odd choice, but he’s actually the man responsible for Babe. Babe: Pig in the City reduces important characters like Fly, Rex, and even Farmer Hoggett to cameos. Leaving only Babe, Ferdinand, and Mrs. Hoggett as the new leads. E.G. Daily (Tommy Pickles) also replaces Christine Cavanagh (Chuckie Finster) as the voice Babe. Babe has to go to the city because he has to make money for the farm. While there he meets a colorfully depressing group of animals that he helps out. Along with being dark at times, it just felt like too much of a dramatic shift. Sometimes it’s even silly with slapstick from Mrs. Hoggett for some reason. Maybe it’s better if you judge it on its own, but in the end, Babe: Pig in the City is just no comparison to the original.


Babe enters the big city

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