Fear of Heights

Vertigo is sometimes considered to be the greatest film ever made. There are people that even put it above Citizen Kane. As an Alfred Hitchcock film, it’s truly one of his most masterfully crafted. Of the four Hitchcock classics I’ve seen (Rear Window, The Birds, and Psycho being the others), Vertigo stands out the most. Since it’s not exactly horror themed. Although it does feature a fear that just about every living person has. Acrophobia, also known as the fear of heights. Anytime we’re up high, we get a sudden feeling of dread. Like we’re gonna fall. I feel that way anytime I climb a flight of stairs with no railing or climb a latter with no one holding it steady. So you may think Vertigo is all about the fear, but this is an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Previous collaborator Jimmy Stewart plays Scottie. A former police officer who lost a fellow policeman in a rooftop chase. This causes his acrophobia and vertigo. When I was younger I always assumed vertigo meant a fear of heights, but it actually means a sensation that everything around you is spinning. Vertigo spends most of its time on a detective story. Where Scottie has to follow a man’s suicidal wife. Played by blonde actress Kim Novak. I wasn’t always sure what was going on, but it all reconnects with his vertigo by the end. Vertigo has only the best qualities of a great Alfred Hitchcock film. Making you want to stay as close to the ground as humanly possible.

Scottie’s nightmare

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