Brr! It’s Cold in Here

Bring it On takes a deep look at the high stakes world of high school cheerleading. Just this one movie became a cult hit that somehow lead to 5 unrelated direct-to-video sequels and a stage musical. Sequels I won’t be reviewing anytime soon since this is the only theatrical one with big name actors in it. Namely Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku, and Gabrielle Union. Bring it On is so popular because it hadn’t been done before. In the past, cheerleaders were always used as stock characters. The bubbly or sassy girls who were never the center of attention. Bring it On finally gave cheerleaders the attention they deserve. By focusing on how hardworking they really are. Torrance is a cheerleader who fulfills her dream of becoming her squad’s team captain. Only to need a replacement after one practice. Leading to the street smart gymnast Missy joining the squad. Everything seems to be going well for Torrance until Missy points out that their moves are stolen from a black inner city cheerleading squad. Which makes sense since their moves have too much attitude to be from themselves. What I really enjoyed about Bring it On is how funny it is. Not taking itself too seriously by pointing out a lot of stereotypes that come with cheerleaders. With a surprising amount of innuendos and sexual humor. I’ve always had a soft spot for cheerleaders and Bring it On more than does them justice. “This is not a democracy, its a cheerocracy.”


The Toros cheer

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