There Have Always Been Ghosts in Machines

Ghost in the Shell is the first R rated anime movie that I’ve seen. Before this, I stuck with only the family friendly stuff. Since I’ve always been hesitant about mature animation of any kind. Ghost in the Shell caught my attention because I frequently saw it on “best anime films of all time” lists. I knew it had to be important if it was always present there. Ghost in the Shell is also very important for inspiring many famous science fiction directors. As the film has a unique visual style that blends cel animation and CGI. Giving Ghost in the Shell almost a luminous look. It takes place in the year 2029. In a future where people have integrated with technology and employ cybernetic bodies called “Shells.” Major is the titular “Ghost” in the “Shell” that works with a futuristic police force. Being more machine then woman, she ponders her own existence. While simultaneously tracking a hacker named the Puppet Master. Part of what drew me to the movie was all the nudity in it. Since Major is almost entirely naked throughout. Wearing a nude cloaking suit of some sort. While it may leave you confused, Ghost in the Shell is nevertheless a must-watch sci-fi anime crime thriller.

Major begins to disappear

One thought on “There Have Always Been Ghosts in Machines

  1. Cool to see you reviewing an anime film, and one of my favorite ones at that. I love Ghost in the Shell, and the Major is my alltime favorite animecharacter. The movie evolved into numerous anime tv shows, and a number of other films have been released for them too 😊😊 Great post! πŸ˜„

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