Major Diappointment

Ghost in the Shell (2017) had so much potential. Since the manga/anime it’s based on was so groundbreaking. To my knowledge, a live action remake to an anime movie hadn’t been done before. Most of the other adaptations were based on a TV series. So it didn’t seem like too much of a difficult task. The only problem that almost immediately guaranteed its failure was the casting of Scarlett Johansson as Major. Something that people accused of whitewashing. Since it’s based on an anime filled with Japanese characters. That doesn’t exactly bother me as much as when it’s a real life person. This is a fictional character after all. Hollywood has made remakes of foreign movies before and nobody batted an eye. I guess the main problem here is their trying to make Johansson look somewhat Japanese. For me, my biggest disappointment was the movies PG-13 rating. I knew that meant no nudity. Instead Major’s cloaking suit is simply flesh colored. Everything else about Ghost in the Shell (2017) is about the same as the original. With some slight differences that I didn’t bother remembering. Sitting in the theater and watching it was just boring. The only positives are Johansson’s performance and the visuals. Other then that, Ghost in the Shell (2017) is pretty pointless.

Major prepares her assault

Live Action Remake of: Ghost in the Shell (1995)

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