This is Your Brain on NZT

Limitless is about a writer named Eddie Morra who unlocks the limitless possibilities of his brain. By taking a clear pill called NZT-48. Probably the only drug I’ve wanted to take. Eddie is a struggling writer who’s just had his girlfriend break up with him. His drab existence literally brightens up when his friend gives him a sample of the mysterious drug. Leading to a better life for Eddie as he uses his newfound intelligence to build up his social standing. Limitless doesn’t have the most exciting premise, but it’s concept is really fascinating. Like I said, NZT-48 boosts your intelligence. Giving you total recall of information, math skills, the ability to learn an entire language, and to see all of a situations possible outcomes. All of which is shown visually. I can just imagine all the limitless things I would do with NZT. Since I’ve always wanted to have superintelligence. The only problem is the side effects. Making you feel horrible the next day or putting your brain on fast forward. Bradley Cooper does a great job at both. Limitless was also successful enough to have a short lived TV series. One that I enjoyed and wish lasted longer. Limitless can best be summed up in one word, smart.


Eddie Morra experiences NZT-48

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