100% Brain Capacity

Lucy is about an American woman living in Taiwan who unlocks 100% of her brain capacity. I didn’t realise how similar the overall concept of Lucy and Limitless was until it was pointed out to me. Even though both films go about portraying superintelligence differently. Lucy is forced to smuggle a bag of blue drugs inside her stomach. The bag bursts inside of her and it expands her mind gradually until she reaches 100%. Each percentage is time stamped throughout the movie. Lucy is only an hour and a half long. So everything in the movie centers around her progression in intelligence. Which is much more over-the-top then you might expect. Of course she has total recall, but she also remembers absolutely everything about her life (including her birth). Plus she has telekinesis, telepathy, mental time travel, she can alter her appearance at will, and she never shows emotion. While Lucy is just crazy enough to be entertaining, I think it thinks it’s more important than it actually is. With all their talk about the universe and evolution. Which is totally ridiculous when you see how it ends. Let’s just say it involves a flashdrive. Luc Besson says there’ll be a sequel, but I think one Lucy is enough for my brain to handle.

Lucy unlocks 100% of her brain

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