Army Men

The Dirty Dozen is the original Suicide Squad. A group of military operated criminals forced to fight on missions or face certain death. The Dirty Dozen was a movie my mom suggested we watch. Since it’s one of her favorite military movies. For me, my main reason for watching the movie was because of Small Soldiers. For some reason the movie featured 2 different cast reunions. With surviving members of The Dirty Dozen voicing the Commando Elite. Although sadly, 5 out of 12 members of the titular dozen are still alive. The Dirty Dozen uses a 3 hour runtime to detail every facet of a soldiers training. Tough guy Lee Marvin plays Major Reisman. The man tasked with training a group of convicts to fight in a secret suicide mission for the Army. Since there are 12 of them, only about 8 of them have any major character development. Some being more reasonable than others. With them being played by notable actors such as John Cassavetes, Donald Sutherland, Jim Brown, Charles Bronson, Clint Walker, and Tony Savalas. The reason they’re called the “Dirty Dozen” is because they refuse to shave in cold water. Their story ends with a mission to take out a group of Nazis. The Dirty Dozen is a unit we should all enlist in.


The Dirty Dozen

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