What is Your Major Malfunction?!

Full Metal Jacket features some of Stanley Kubrick’s best and most poignant commentary. It’s one of many Vietnam War movies to depict the war for the harsh reality that it was. I know that anytime I look at history, Vietnam always seemed like the most unnecessary war America has ever fought. It certainly affected soldiers a great deal mentally. Full Metal Jacket takes place on an island where Marines experience basic training. This is where the late great R. Lee Ermey comes in. Gny. Sgt. Hartman is easily the most iconic movie drill instructor of all time. From his opening monologue to his final insult, he truly shines brighter than any other character in the movie. Of course it helps that Gunny was a real life Marine who improvised a majority of his lines. Which is saying something since Kubrick almost never allowed improvisation. The second most memorable character is Private Pyle. Played by a heavier Vincent D’Onofrio. His character is the most tragic and at times sympathetic. Since he can’t do anything right and gets picked on the most. Full Metal Jacket very much feels like two seperate movies. The first half with boot camp is more well remembered than the part with the actual war. Not that there aren’t still parts of it that stand out. I didn’t even realize this was the movie that features the line “me so horny, me love you long time.” It portrays the Vietnam War for the horrific nightmare that it was. By depicting the soldiers as conflicted killing machines. Full Metal Jacket will leave you with mixed emotions, but a very clear message.


Gny. Sgt. Hartman riles up his troops

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