Which, Who, and Whatsit

As it turns out, A Wrinkle in Time has been adapted before. Back in 2003 with a TV movie. I didn’t really want to watch this version, but my brother forced it on me. The only good thing about doing that is that at least I knew the story before I saw the 2018 version. Sort of, because the story doesn’t exactly make sense. I’ll save most of my thoughts on the overall story for that review. A Wrinkle in Time (2003) is about 2 hours long and nearly put me to sleep several times. Being a TV movie, it has cheesy digital effects with more reliance on set design. It also stars the second Kitty Pryde actress, Alan Abernathy from Small Soldiers, and the boy from The Ring. I never read the book, but my understanding is that A Wrinkle in Time brings together themes of science and religion. With the Bible being quoted numerous times throughout the book. One positive I can say about this version is that at least the Bible is quoted once in the movie. Other than that, A Wrinkle in Time (2003) is a waste of time.


The three Mrs.

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