Sweet Dreams

A Wrinkle in Time proves that Disney should just stick to animation, live action remakes, Marvel, and Star Wars movies. Since A Wrinkle in Time was a huge critical and financial failure that I could see coming from a mile away. Before the movie came out, everybody had high expectations for it. Either for it being directed by Ava DuVernay or for starring Oprah. Whatever the reason, I shot down the movie almost immediately, because I started to see a pattern with this type of Disney movie. Live action CGI filled makeup & costume heavy overblown Disney movies simply don’t work unless they’re a remake of something familiar. I got serious Tomorrowland vibes from the movie. A Wrinkle in Time has something to do with a girl named Meg, her stepbrother Charles Wallace, and friend Calvin (who sort of wanders into the movie without explanation). Meg’s father is lost in space or something like that and three Mrs. help her to find him. Mrs. Which, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Whatsit. None of whom make the story any easier to follow. Even less when Oprah is 10 feet tall and Reese Witherspoon transforms into a giant leaf. Some people call it really trippy, but I’ve honestly seen trippier. This version of the story is also more diverse. Almost to the point where it seems like they put more focus into that then story or character development. For me my biggest complaint is the secularization of the story. The book is very Christian and the movie removes all of that. Making it some kind of “the universe” thing and disappointing fans of the book in the process. Clearly other Disney movies like The Chronicles of Narnia have proven that Christian themed books can be very successful. Just like the previous adaptation, A Wrinkle in Time is a waste of time.


The three Mrs.

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