Sooner or Later

Dick Tracy was first introduced in a comic strip dating back to 1931. As long as there have been newspapers, there’s been a Dick Tracy comic in it. I sort of kept forgetting about the movie because its based on a comic strip, but my mom suggested it a couple of times. Since it features actress Glenne Headly (who my mom used to know in college). Dick Tracy was a hard-boiled square jawed detective who always wore a large yellow trench coat and fedora. He wasn’t a superhero, but his 2-Way Wrist Radio was one his most defining character traits. True it came out in the 90’s, but the idea for a Dick Tracy movie spanned two decades. With Warren Beatty always attached to the role. He was also the movie’s director and producer. What makes Dick Tracy unique is how much effort they took to make it look like the comic. With everyone wearing colorful outfits in the backdrop of a colorful city. The premise is nothing too special. Just an average detective story with a kid sidekick. Really it’s the movie’s technical achievements that make it stand out. Dick Tracy has the highest Oscar wins of any comic book movie (which is 3). It won Best Makeup for its recreation of all the comic’s strange villains. Best Art Direction for its aforementioned color palette. And Best Original Song for “Sooner or Later (I Always Get My Man)” sung by Madonna. The movie also boasts some good performances form Al Pancino and even Madonna. I didn’t watch Dick Tracy when I was younger (though if I did, I would’ve seen the other Roger Rabbit cartoon it came with), but I can certainly see the appeal.


Dick Tracy watches over his city

One thought on “Sooner or Later

  1. I haven’t seen it in a long time, but I’m of the opinion this is a truly great flick. It really should be acknowledged in the same way Sin City is, I reckon.

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