The Big Friendly Giant

The BFG finally brings together three of the biggest names in their respective mediums. Roald Dahl, one of the most beloved children’s book authors. Steven Spielberg, one of the greatest directors in the business. And Disney, arguably the most successful film studio. Although I do find it strange that The BFG is the movie that brought these names together. A more detailed synopsis of The BFG is that after the Big Friendly Giant befriends Sophie, he takes her to his home of Giant Country. Where he shows her how he gathers dreams for his trumpet. While also introducing her to giant food such as the disgusting snozzcumber and the delicious fizzy drink frobscottle. Which causes a whizzpopper (basically a flying fart). There only problem is a horde of man-eating giants that threaten to eat all the children of England. All of which eventually leads to the Queen of England. As a Steven Spielberg movie, The BFG falls under the forgotten pile. It’s a delightful romp, but not many people have seen it. Mark Rylance, who previously won an Oscar in Spielberg’s previous movie, plays the BFG using CGI. All of it looks good and it’s just light enough to fit Disney’s style. Like the previous adaptation, the ending was changed, but it doesn’t make The BFG any less of an enjoyable Roald Dahl movie.


The BFG and Sophie

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