The Vampire Next Door

Fright Night begs the question, what if a vampire was living next door? Who would believe you and how could you stop it? Of course it could all just be a complete misunderstanding, but not in this case. Fright Night is all about teenager Charley Brewster, his girlfriend Amy, and weirdo best friend whom he calls “Evil” (I’m really not sure what to make of his performance). Charley is obsessed with a horror show called “Fright Night” hosted by Peter Vincent. An obvious take on Vincent Price. Charley’s obsession becomes a reality when his charismatic new neighbor Jerry Dandridge turns out to be one of the undead. A vampire with all the usual weaknesses. The only problem is nobody, not his mother, not the police, not his friends, not even Peter Vincent believes Charley. Fright Night is a slightly more comedic take on vampires. Though it gained an R rating. Mostly for nudity and some bloody violence. The rest of it is pretty harmless, sort of like director Tom Holland’s other horror film Child’s Play. That’s mostly why my mom suggested it for us to watch when we were younger. Fright Night proved that vampires could still work in the 80’s.


Amy turns into a vampire

Followed by: Fright Night Part 2

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