Full Moon

Teen Wolf is all about a teenager’s changing body. He notices his voice is changing, he has terrible urges, and hair where there was no hair before. And I ain’t talking about puberty. Scott Howard is a werewolf teenager, a teen wolf if you will. Unlike most werewolf legends or movies, Scott isn’t cursed to murder innocent people. Teen Wolf is a cheesy 80’s comedy where wolves aren’t animalistic killers. Instead Scott is just your average basketball playing loser who wants to impress a popular girl. Even though there’s a perfectly good girl in front of him. Scott’s werewolfism is treated more like a biological condition. When people do find out about it, they’re noticeably shocked, but then everybody accepts him when they see he’s become a better ball player. Things like that make Teen Wolf almost too ridiculous to take seriously, but luckily Michael J. Fox makes it work. Teen Wolf came out the same year as Back to the Future and while I do prefer latter, the former does have its moments. One of its most infamous involving a guy with his fly open. Teen Wolf is a comedy you can choose to sink your teeth into or not.


Scott plays basketball

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