Werewolf House

Teen Wolf Too is beat for beat the exact same story as Teen Wolf. Right down to the KFC product placement. Since Michael J. Fox was either too busy or uninterested, a young Jason Bateman plays Scott’s cousin. With only his father, coach, best friend, and chubby friend returning. Teen Wolf Too once again takes its protagonist through an unexpected wolf transformation. Followed by a him becoming popular, excelling at a specific sport, winning over a popular girl, becoming a jerk, proving he can win on his own, and ending up with the girl he should have been with since the beginning. Every single thing from the original is there with little differences. Like changing the setting to a college and the sport to boxing. Without Michael J. Fox’s charm, nothing about Teen Wolf Too is worth the look. Jason Bateman doesn’t quite hit the mark yet. Not that the original Teen Wolf was all that great to begin with. It’s just surprising that it lead to a mediocre sequel, a forgotten animated series, and a hugely popular MTV series.


Todd boxes

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