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Goosebumps is the most successful children’s horror series ever written. Written by author R.L. Stine, there are 62 books in his original series and 231 books overall. All that success eventually lead to a TV series. Which lasted for 4 seasons as an anthology series. Since all the books are short and can fit an episodes length. I wasn’t a big reader as a kid, but I did watch one or two episodes here or there (though I did binge the entire series afterwards). Enough to be puzzled when they announced they were making a movie. I wasn’t sure what that meant exactly since each story followed a different set of kids facing a different monster in every book. So there solution was to fit every monster in all at once. And somehow it works very well. Goosebumps follows the trope of a kid moving into a new town. He just lives with his mom, makes a quirky best friend, and falls for the girl next door. But it turns out his new neighbor is actually the author himself R.L. Stine (played by a seldom seen Jack Black). All the Goosebumps monsters come out when it turns out that every book he’s written is real. One monster in particular makes it so they never have to go back again. Slappy the Dummy, the poster child for the entire series since ventriloquist dummies are creepy. Goosebumps is a fun occasionally frightening ride that’s perfect for children and grown up fans like myself.



Followed by: Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

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