Treasure Island is perhaps the most well known pirate tale ever written. We’re probably all familiar with the story, but more than likely not the way it was intended to be. In my case, I only know it with Muppets or set in space. It’s hard to say what the definitive version of Treasure Island is, but it’s hard to argue with the 1950 version made by Disney. Since it’s the closest I’ve ever seen to the original book. Which would explain the lack of female characters in the movie. Treasure Island is also the first adaptation in color and Disney’s first entirely live action movie. Before that it was just animation or live action with animation spliced in. I’m not sure why this was the movie Walt Disney wanted to be in live action, but I guess he wanted to save animated pirates for Peter Pan. Treasure Island is of course about young Jim Hawkins. A lad who encounters a dying pirate that gives him a treasure map. Leading Hawkins to take a voyage with gentlemen of the sea. Except for their one legged cook Long John Silver. Who shockingly turns out to be a pirate. Bobby Driscoll was Disney’s “it kid” at the time, but it’s Robert Newton who really shines as Captain Silver. Treasure Island is just a simple swashbuckling pirate adventure.


Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins enter Treasure Island

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