Gut Punch

I don’t think I’ve ever hated sitting through a movie as much as with The Power of One. Even worse when it’s a movie I’m forced to watch. One thing I always feared when going to school was movie day. Movies by themselves were always a fun distraction from schoolwork, but most of the time they were in some way educational. High school was the time when PG-13 and R rated movies were suddenly on the table. So I feared that could mean anything I wasn’t mentally prepared to watch. Sure enough, The Power of One was that movie. In The Power of One, an English kid named PK living in Africa lives happily and learns from both worlds. Until he winds up in a boarding school full of hate filled South African boys. Then he learns to become both a pianist and a boxer. Which only leads to more conflict. What I hate most about The Power of One was how relentlessly evil it was. Pretty much everyone in PK’s 18 year life either dies or has something horrible happen to them. Whether it’s his mother, his chicken, Morgan Freeman, or his girlfriend. There’s also Nazis that just make it worse. One of them played by Daniel Craig in his film debut. I would never have seen The Power of One if I wasn’t forced to.


PK (right) learns how to box

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