Mark of the Beast

The Omen is a terrifying sign of things to come. Although I promised to save franchise movies till next year, this is my 666th review. And there’s really only one movie I can review on this day. The Omen is often regarded as one of the most disturbing films to come out of the 70’s. Which is true for any horror movie with a religious theme. Gregory Peck portrays a diplomat with what seems like a happy family. Not realizing the child he’s raising, Damien, is actually the antichrist. Even though all the bad omens are there. Whether it’s the nanny hanging herself, Damien’s reaction to a church, the baboons going crazy around him, Damien riding his trike into his mother, the presence of rottweilers, or the precognitive photographs. In some ways The Omen can be viewed as a continuation of Rosemary’s Baby. Since both deal with the antichrist. Damien is definitely one of the creepiest kids in cinematic history. All dressed in black with a sinister smile. Needless to say he ruined the name Damien for a lot of people. The Omen foretells events from The Bible that aren’t too far off from what could actually happen. 666 is said in Revelation to be the “mark of the beast” and that’s why Damien bares its mark. Let’s just say it’s not a happy ending. The Omen is a tension filled horror classic from director Richard Donner.


Damien stands in a cemetery

Followed by: Damien: Omen II

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