The Flower Cataleya

Colombiana finally gave Zoe Saldana the lead in her own action movie. Zoe Saldana has played a part in a number of major franchises. Avatar, Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy, even Pirates of the Caribbean. So she’s easily the best part of Colombiana. Her manner of fighting is stealthy, efficient, and makes perfect use of her slender form. The rest of the movie is just every problem with modern action films. With a hundred quick cuts that make it hard to even make out what’s happening half the time. As well as generic underdeveloped foreign bad guys. It might surprise you to know that Colombiana was originally meant to be a spin-off of Léon: The Professional centered around a grown up Mathilda. Which makes sense since there are many similarities. Both Mathilda and Cataleya witness their families murder, get taken in by hitmen, and want revenge. Natalie Portman is a much bigger star now, but I feel like Mathilda’s story had a good ending (plus the title Mathilda would confuse people). Colombiana just takes the basic outline and makes it its own thing. While you can never go wrong with a lovely flower like Zoe Saldana, I can’t help feeling like Colombiana could have been much better.


Cataleya sneaks around

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