Sentence is Death

Dredd takes a character as cool and unique as Judge Dredd and says, “hey, maybe we should take this character seriously.” Judge Dredd is still a relatively obscure character. Despite existing since the 70’s and receiving a movie in the 90’s. So the thought of their being a gritty reboot didn’t exactly register. It’s why Dredd underperformed at the box office. Which is a shame, because it’s one of the most underrated comic book movies ever released. Unlike the ridiculously unfaithful 1995 Judge Dredd, Dredd keeps every single character trait in tact. Karl Urban is a far better Judge Dredd right down to his ever present frown. He actually keeps his helmet on the entire movie! The costume is much more realistic (gone are the giant shoulder pads and codpiece), yet the helmet looks like it leaped right out of the comics. Dredd is unique in that it keeps all its action self contained in Mega-City One. With Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson, an attractive deputy Judge with mutant psychic abilities, infiltrate a high rise building. Their target is a woman named Ma-Ma. Who deals in a dangerous new drug called Slo-Mo. Which makes the world seem like it’s moving at 1% its normal rate. Dredd also takes better advantage of its R rating. By showing the full extend of Dredd’s “Lawgiver” and having bloodier slow motion death scenes. Dredd may have dropped “Judge” from its title, but it gained a well deserved cult following in the process.


Judge Dredd takes aim

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