Puny Human

The Incredible Shrinking Man is one of the earliest most groundbreaking examples of shrinking in cinema. It begins with a man named Scott Carey. He and his wife live a happy life, until a mysterious mist engulfs his body. It’s this event that causes him to shrink… very slowly. Unlike most modern shrinking movies that have the protagonist shrink instantly. It starts with simple things like loose fitting clothes or Scott’s wedding ring falling off. He eventually becomes the size of a child. It’s then that the public dubs him “The Incredible Shrinking Man.” After a possible cure, he takes some comfort in a little person who’s roughly the size he is. But it’s all short lived when he realizes he’s still shrinking. Now the size of a doll, Scott faces a whole new world of problems. His cat attacks him, he gets trapped in the basement, and must now hunt for food. The only thing in his way is a now giant spider. The Incredible Shrinking Man does everything it can to convince you Scott is small. Which is even more impressive considering it was released in the 50’s. My mom actually saw the movie when she was very young. The ending always makes her emotional. SPOILER ALERT! I’d like to say Scott’s wife eventually finds him or that he stops shrinking, but not everything has a happy ending. The Incredible Shrinking Man is a terrifying concept bound by the unflinching human spirit. “To God, there is no zero.”


Scott fights a spider

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