Little Woman

The Incredible Shrinking Woman is the gender flipped remake of The Incredible Shrinking Man. It was released in the 80’s, but the idea actually isn’t a new one. There was originally a sequel planned for the original titled The Fantastic Shrinking Girl. It didn’t work out though. The Incredible Shrinking Woman takes the general template of the original book, but its choices are questionable to say the least. For one thing the movie is more of a straightforward comedy. She shrinks because of perfume. It’s not really a problem, it just doesn’t always match the fundamental tragedy of shrinking continuously. Lily Tomlin doesn’t just play the titular shrinking woman, but another character as well. Sometimes coming across more as a variety of sketches. Most of which fall flat. This is also a Joel Schumacher movie. So it’s very colorful and too bright at times. The Incredible Shrinking Woman also chooses to have human villains. With a plan that makes no sense. The shrinking effects are alright, but its gorilla riding climax is way too on the nose. Be sure to expect a happy ending. The Incredible Shrinking Woman can’t compare to a classic.


Pat tries to yell at her kids

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