Eighth Grade is basically my life. With the exception of being a girl or the generation depicted. Other than those 2 things, it’s pretty much to a T. Like most great independent movies nowadays, Eighth Grade is from A24. The best studio for unique and/or personal stories. A current trend in Hollywood is unlikely first time directors delivering something unexpectedly good. In this case that’s musician and former YouTuber Bo Burnham. Eighth Grade is about a socially awkward eighth grader named Kayla. She doesn’t have many friends, but she does have a small YouTube channel where she gives life advice. Like her, I was (and still am if I’m being honest) really quiet, but talkative when you got to know me. My eighth grade year was also kinda similar. Where it mostly sucked, but I tried to make the most of it near the end. We even both blog as a means to express ourselves. Elsie Fisher is very believable in the role. You may recognise her as the former voice of Agnes in Despicable Me. In fact, every performance feels real. Which can be cringy, but hey… that’s life. They don’t even hide the acne. Speaking of life, Eighth Grade received an R rating. Even though it’s supposed to appeal to its title audience. If you spend just one day in a public school, you’ll see how much kids swear and talk about sex. So the rating is understandable. It’s also notably one of a few movies about “Generation Z.” While there constant phone use and occasional ignorance of reality does get on my nerves. I have nothing but love for the honest down to Earth movie Eighth Grade is, “Gucci.”πŸ‘Œ

8th Grade

Kayla tries to talk to some popular girls

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