World of Tomorrow

Metropolis is the first movie I’m reviewing from the 20’s. It’s also the first authentic silent feature length film I’ve seen from beginning to end. The interesting thing about the 20’s is that nearly every movie released was silent. The music was actually added in later. It’s part of the reason why I’ve hardly touched this decade. However, Metropolis is a must watch for all film buffs. It’s considered the first feature length science fiction film. Some lists would even classify it as the greatest film released in the 20’s. And it’s not hard to see why. Well sometimes it is, but that only depends on how bad the picture quality is. Metropolis was actually made in Germany, it came out in 1927, and is considered expressionist. The very valuable poster features an image of a robot with skyscrapers in the background. Metropolis is an enormous futuristic city fueled by the workers below and ruled by the wealthy above (no Superman though). The robot is a design I’ve been familiar with for years. I’ve always thought it looked like a female version of C-3PO. I just never knew the meaning of the rings or the pentagram. I’m still a little confused, but I think I understood Metropolis well enough. The movie is nearly 3 hours long, but I luckily saw a much shorter cut. If you can find it, you’ll see that Metropolis was a true pioneer, whose influence can still be felt today.



One thought on “World of Tomorrow

  1. It is actually quite amazing how a movie close to 100 years old that was full of social commentary on the haves vs the have-nots and the attitudes they both take towards each other is still quite relevant in 2018 with most of it still being quite accurate. An interesting side note tho, some of the original movie has actually been lost with some only found back in 2008 and others lost forever due to being damaged by age.

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