An Automobile Built for Two

Driving Miss Daisy is one of the easiest Best Picture winners you could possibly watch. It’s short, sweet, and to the point. Coming in at the tail end of the 80’s, Driving Miss Daisy is the last Best Picture winner with a PG rating. Since most winners nowadays are something with a little edge to it. So it will always surprise me that Driving Miss Daisy was able to win. Not to mention the fact that the PG-13 rating was already well established. Based on an off Broadway play,ย Driving Miss Daisy centers on one Daisy Werthan. After crashing her car, her son Boolie (played by Dan Aykroyd) hires her a chauffeur. Much to her chagrin. Hoke Colburn is the man he hires and even though Miss Daisy is stubborn at first, she eventually warms up to him. As simple as the story is, Driving Miss Daisy does touch on some heavier topics. Like racism, anti-semitism, illiteracy, and dementia. Miss Daisy is jewish and Hoke is an African American. Their past experiences with mistreatment help them to bond more. They even listen to a speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Hoke is one of Morgan Freeman’s most beloved characters. While Jessica Tandy won the Oscar for Best Actress playing Miss Daisy. I guarantee her calling Hoke her best friend is enough to melt your heart. The movie also won for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Makeup (since the characters age). Driving Miss Daisy is a ride everyone should take.


Hoke driving Miss Daisy

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