You Better Watch Out

Krampus is a non-traditional Christmas movie. Something I’ve never really been a fan of. For me Christmas is a sacred holiday I don’t like to see messed with. Christmas horror movies aren’t a new concept. With the likes of Black Christmas, Silent Night, Deadly Night, and Jack Frost (1997) being examples. Even Gremlins and The Nightmare Before Christmas fit that category (and I love those movies). So I figured a PG-13 Christmas horror movie like Krampus wouldn’t be too bad. Little did I know Krampus is actually a very old figure. Having existed in German folklore for decades. As a Santalike half-goat demon that punishes naughty children rather than reward them with gifts. I literally never heard of the character before this movie was released. Krampus is from the same guy who directed Trick ‘r Treat. His style shows in how he balances horror with comedy while making plenty of room for festivity. The Engel family finds themselves on Krampus’ list when the youngest Max wishes they would all just go away. Due to their difficult behavior. They get caught in a terrible snow storm where evil gingerbread men, monster toys, and demon elves await them. With most of it being almost too cartoonish. Although their use of animation in one scene is well done. Like most newer Christmas movies, Krampus probably won’t end up as a classic, but its willingness to take risks will connect with some this season.


Max meets Krampus

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