Mall Santa

I don’t like Bad Santa, because I hate everything it represents. Raunchy vulgar offensive R rated comedies, swearing around children, and cynical Christmas movies. Needless to say, Bad Santa is not for me. I never looked forward to seeing it. Ever since I first discovered it when I was a kid. It was part of my library’s DVD collection. Even back then I didn’t like the idea of it. The titular Bad Santa is Willie T. Soke. A profane, sex-crazed, alcoholic, loser who works as a mall santa in order to rob the place. Along with his little person partner who plays his elf. As you can imagine, Willie gets drunk on the job, hooks up with random ladies, and swears around the kids sitting on his lap. It’s downright unpleasant at times. Then a slow heavy kid shows up and everything changes for him. Willie takes advantage of the kid by crashing at his house and taking his dad’s car. Of course Bad Santa isn’t just non-stop raunch. There is some semblance of a heart. Mostly when Willie tries to do something nice for the kid, but it’s still too offensive for me. Billy Bob Thornton is the perfect jerk though. Some people will find it funnier than I did, but for me Bad Santa is bad.


Willie (santa) gets drunk around Marcus (elf)

Followed by: Bad Santa 2

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