Too Naughty

Bad Santa 2 is exactly the same as Bad Santa. So I automatically hate it. Then again Bad Santa was just bad by my standards. While Bad Santa 2 is bad by everyone else’s standards. Willie is back after 13 years and is just as mean spirited as ever. Well he is a little softer, but just as profane and sex-crazed. Ignoring the lesson learned in the last movie, his former partner Marcus returns to bring him back into another heist job. Along with his foul-mouthed mother played by a “desperate for a paycheck” Kathy Bates. This time their plan is to rob a Christmas charity (classy). The slow heavy kid also returns even though the actor playing him wasn’t all that active at the time. The only major character not to return is Willie’s sort of girlfriend. She’s replaced with Christina Hendrick’s. What follows is a lot of the same, only much more disgusting and offensive than before. Like the first movie, I only found the part with the kids sitting on his lap funny. And that’s barely in this one. Bad Santa 2 is just crude for crudeness sake.

"Bad Santa 2" Day 29

Willie (santa) and Marcus (elf) return

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