Count Your Blessings

White Christmas is a bit of a spiritual sequel to Holiday Inn. In the way that it was only made because the song “White Christmas” was such a hit. Having won Best Original Song for that film. What makes the song so good is how it perfectly describes snow. As a kid, the first snowfall really does make the perfect Christmas. That’s why its stood the test of time. Unlike Holiday Inn, White Christmas is in color and it’s the first film to use VistaVision. One of the earliest examples of widescreen in film. Thankfully there’s also no blackface since that was no longer a thing in the 50’s. The only real connection is the use of the song and Bing Crosby. White Christmas opens with soldiers supporting the troops at Christmas. After Phil saves Bob’s life, the two of them become a double act. They also meet another double act called the “Haynes Sisters” and they both become smitten. The conflict comes when all four of them decide to put on a show at an inn (another similarity) for there old ageing Army general. White Christmas is much lighter and filled with many great song and dance numbers. They even make good use of the titular song by having the characters wish for snow. The song it was nominated for this time was “Count Your Blessings.” Another sweet song. White Christmas reminds us that the best things happen while you’re dancing. Merry Christmas Eve!


Wallace & Davis put on a show with the Haynes Sisters

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