Santa for a Day

The Santa Clause is a unique interpretation of Santa Claus. Scott Calvin is the worst thing you could be in the 90’s, a workaholic divorced dad. Scott spends one fateful Christmas Eve with his son Charlie. That’s when they hear something on the roof. Which turns out to be Santa Claus himself. When Scott yells at him, he accidentally makes him fall off the roof. Being a kid at the time, you don’t really read too much into it, but he basically kills Santa. The Santa Clause actually refers to a clause in a contract which states that if Santa should die, the job goes to whoever puts on the red suit. It’s mainly responsible for my generation being unable to spell Santa Claus properly. Right in the midst of his Home Improvement popularity, Tim Allen is one of the funniest actors to play Santa. Mainly for his slow transformation into Santa Claus. He starts to gain weight he can never lose, his appetite for sweets increases, and he keeps growing a beard. Their interpretation of elves is also unique. Instead of little people, they use children (it is Disney afterall). Expect for Head Elf Bernard. The reindeer, specifically Comet, are mostly achieved through puppetry. Their explanation of Santa going down a chimney is that his sack can fly into one that will magically appear. The main conflict comes from Scott’s ex-wife and her psychiatrist husband thinking he’s unfit to be around Charlie. Of course everything turns out fine in the end. Making The Santa Clause a Christmas movie I’m always happy to watch every year.


Scott Calvin puts on the Santa suit

Followed by: The Santa Clause 2

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