Naughty or Nice

The Christmas Chronicles is a budding Christmas classic. It also happens to be the first Netflix original movie that I saw. I watched it as soon as it dropped on Thanksgiving and was pleasantly surprised. Lately it seems like there aren’t enough good Christmas movies being made. The Christmas Chronicles is full of Christmas spirit in a very unexpected way. I was mostly drawn in by the idea of Kurt Russell playing Santa Claus.

The Christmas Chronicles begins with the traditional set up of a family enjoying Christmas every year. Until an unfortunate turn of events leaves the family without their father. Making the season even tougher for them to get through. The older Teddy acts out and his younger sister Kate still believes in Santa. When their mom has to work on Christmas Eve, Teddy agrees to help his sister Kate catch Santa. Things take a sudden tonal shift as soon as Santa shows up. Russell’s Santa is a major scene stealer who’s thinner, has rugged good looks, and doesn’t say “Ho, ho, ho.”

The Christmas Chronicles is a lot like Adventures in Babysitting. They end up lost in Chicago with a crashed sleigh, loose reindeer, and a missing sack full of toys. Santa even gets arrested, but a hip musical number does the trick. Another tonal shift comes when we finally see the elves. Which are small, fuzzy, computer animated, and only speak Elvish. Mrs. Claus even shows up at the end played by Russell’s partner Goldie Hawn. It’s a harrowing night, but all is well when Christmas is restored. The Christmas Chronicles is a refreshingly joyous Christmas hit with plenty of charm. Happy New Year everyone!

Christmas Chronicles

Santa gets the job done

Followed by: The Christmas Chronicles 2

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