Naughty or Nice

The Christmas Chronicles is one of the latest Christmas movies released. It also happens to be the first Netflix original movie that I saw. Since it’s the one that peaked my interest the most. I even watched it when it first dropped on Thanksgiving. Lately it seems like there aren’t enough good Christmas movies being made. Or at least ones that are worthy of being future classics. I don’t know if I’d go that far with The Christmas Chronicles, but it is surprisingly entertaining. I was mostly drawn in by the idea of Kurt Russell as Santa Claus. He’s easily the best thing about the movie. The Christmas Chronicles begins with the traditional set up of a family enjoying Christmas every year. Then an unfortunate turn of events leaves the family without their father. Making the season tougher for them to get through. When Teddy agrees to help his sister Kate catch Santa, things take a sudden tonal shift when Santa shows up. This Santa is thinner, has rugged good looks, and doesn’t say ho, ho, ho. He’s also very charming and funny. Then the elves come in and things take an even bigger tonal shift, because the elves are small, fuzzy, and animated. Mrs. Claus even shows up at the end played by you-know-who. The Christmas Chronicles is a refreshingly fun new Christmas movie. Happy New Year everyone!

Christmas Chronicles

Santa gets the job done

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