Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Saving Mr. Banks is the first Disney movie made about the making of a Disney movie. Why Mary Poppins? As I explained in my Mary Poppins review, it was a very long road for Walt Disney to get a Mary Poppins movie made. As Saving Mr. Banks depicts in full detail. Author P.L. Travers was notoriously difficult because she didn’t want Mary Poppins to be Disneyfied. She was against the use of songs and animation. So Walt Disney had his work cut for him trying to convince her what he was doing was right. It took him over 20 years just to get the film rights from her. Saving Mr. Banks is great if you know the history of Disney like I do. With the inclusion of the songwriters the Sherman brothers or the expression “man is in the forest.” They do a good job balancing the pre-production process with Travers own tragic backstory. One that greatly mirrors Mary Poppins. Even if it is a sudden tone shift and probably not completely factual. P.L. Travers trying to change the script is true, but she probably didn’t sing-a-long to any of the songs. Emma Thompson gives a fine performance, but the real surprise is Tom Hanks as Walt Disney. As recognizable as he is, he really works in the iconic role. Although they chose to omit his well known smoking habit. Instead they cut away any time he’s about to do it. Although Saving Mr. Banks still manages to pull off an impressive feat.


Walt Disney (left) takes P. L. Travers (right) to Disneyland

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