Before He Got Mad

Mad Max introduces us to the very very mad world of Max Rockatansky. Even if that world is still pretty close to ours. Mad Max is the first movie directed by Australian filmmaker George Miller. Despite the later success of the franchise it would spark, Mad Max was actually made on a “shoestring” budget. It was filmed in Miller’s home country of Australia and stars an all Australian cast. Making this Mel Gibson’s breakout role when he was only 23 years old. He certainly made an impression. By comparison, Mad Max is the most subtle film in the franchise. It’s something of an origin story for how the world initially descended into chaos. We also find out what earned Max Rockatansky the “Mad” moniker in the first place. Max was originally a black leather-clad Australian police enforcer. He attempts to take down a gang of berserk bikers that cause chaos wherever they go. All the while trying to protect his wife and son. Unfortunately, much like the Punisher, Max is pushed way too far. Driving him to a state of blinding madness where he mercilessly kills every last member of the biker gang. Mad Max may not have the biggest cars or the fastest action, but it’s still a very important part of the Mad Max story. Without it, we wouldn’t of had the wildly influential rest of the franchise.


Max Rockatansky patrols the roads

Followed by: Mad Max 2

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