The Road Warrior

Mad Max 2 (known by most as The Road Warrior) is the gritty fast-paced road adventure everyone was waiting for. Mad Max 2 takes place some time after Max Rockatansky went mad in Mad Max. Society has officially collapsed and there’s nothing left but the baron post-apocalyptic Australian outback. Oil is now more precious than anything else. As everyone left in the world roams the deserts in highly impractical cars and trucks. The now “Mad” Max rides alone with nothing but a dog and sawed off shotgun to keep him company. He now dresses in a much more tattered black leather outfit with noticeably grey temples in his hair. Mel Gibson proves himself to be a much more formidable action hero this time around. Director George Miller takes the sequel into much bigger territory. While also maintaining a simple story that centers on the retrieval of gas. Mad Max 2 introduces all of the franchises most iconic motifs. Max is now a nameless loner who reluctantly helps those in need. In this case, he helps a town oppressed by an evil warlord named The Humungus. A humongous figure in an iron mask. Most of the characters have descriptive names like that. Max gets help from the Gyro Captain, the Warrior Woman, and the Feral Kid. The overall look of the people has become iconic as well. Most everyone wears very 80’s looking punk black bondage type outfits with spikes and padding. But Mad Max 2 most importantly amps up the action with impressively complex car chases. Which are especially impressive considering the lack of special effects available at the time. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior is a rare action sequel that far exceeds the original in every way possible.


Max Rockatansky searches the wasteland

Preceded by: Mad Max & Followed by: Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

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